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If an unknown consisted of Co+2, Fe+2, Sr+2, or Ni+2, which cation would completely complex with EDTA first? Second? Third?


Also, what are the minimum pH values for satisfactory titrations of the above metal cations?


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Given cations are Co+2, Fe+2, Sr+2 and Ni+2. EDTA can form complexes with many metal cations. Kf can be considered as the formation constant for metal-EDTA complexes. If the metal complex has the...

Cation which first form complex -Ni2
Cation which second form complex -Co2
Cation which third form complex-Fe2

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Ni2-EDTA>Co2-EDTA >Fe2-EDTA >Sr2-EDTA Cation which first form complex -Ni2 Cation which second form complex -Co2 Cation which third form complex-Fe2


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