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If the absorbance of a solution of copper(II) ion decreases by 18.00% upon dilution, what volume of water was added to 20.0 mL of a 1.20 M solution of Cu2+(aq)?

How many ml of water added?



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Step 1

According to Beer-Lambert law,


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А-е хс х1

Step 2

Consider the absorbance is linear with concentration.

Upon dilution, when absorbance is decreased by 18.00 %, the concentration of Cu2+ ions is also decreased by 18.00 %.  The new concentration of the solution would be,


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100% – 18% = 82% 0.82 x1.20 M 0.984 M

Step 3

The above calculated molarity is the molarity of diluted solution.

Now consider,

Initial molarity, M1 = 1.20 M

Initial volume, V1 = 20.0 mL

Final molarity, M2 = 0.984 M

Final ...


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V,M, V, M, 20.0 mL x1.20 M 0.984 M = 24.3902 mL


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