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If the rate law for a process is rate=k[A]^2 [B], and [A]=0.7085 and [B]=0.1211, determine the rate as a multiple of k. State the answer without including k.


If the rate law for a process is rate=k[A]^2 [B], and [A]=0.7085 and [B]=0.1211, determine the rate as a multiple of k. State the answer without including k. 

Step 1

Given :

Rate = k [A]2 [B]

[A] = 0.7085

 [B] = 0.1211

We need to determine the rate as a multiple of k

Step 2

Calculate the rate by substituting the values given in  the formula,

Rate = k [A]2 [B]

Rate = k [ 0.7085 ]2 [ 0.1211 ]


Rate = k [ 0.5019 ] [ 0.1...

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