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If the sample size is 30 and the mean score for football players are 5.6, mean score for basketball players are 7.8, and mean score for baseball players are 4.8, what is the SS between of this study?


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Step 1

Assuming The sample size is 30 for each group

Given data and calculation is shown below


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Sample size 30 Player Football Mean score 5.6 Basketball 30 7.8 Baseball 30 4.8

Step 2

Grand mean is give...


Image Transcriptionclose

30 x (5.67.8 + 4.8) = 6.0667 90 SSBetween is given by 1 n (x)2 30 x ( (5.6 6.0667)(7.8-6.0667)2(4.8-6.0667)2) SSbetween = = 144. 8


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