If the symbol X represents a central atom, Y represents outer atoms, and Z represents lone pairs on the central atom, the structure  could be abbreviated as XY2Z2.Classify these structures by the hybridization of the central atom.sp           sp2            sp3          sp3d                sp3d2 Answer Bank XY5Z                    XY2                  XY5          XY3             XY2Z2           XY4Z XY2Z3                  XY6                 XY4             XY2Z              XY3Z2           XY4Z2

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If the symbol X represents a central atom, Y represents outer atoms, and Z represents lone pairs on the central atom, the structure  could be abbreviated as XY2Z2.

Classify these structures by the hybridization of the central atom.

sp           sp2            sp3          sp3d                sp3d2
Answer Bank
XY5Z                    XY2                  XY5          XY3             XY2Z2           XY4Z
XY2Z3                  XY6                 XY4             XY2Z              XY3Z2           

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The table for geometry of different molecules with diff...


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Number of bonding groups Number of lone pairsMolecular Geometry Linear 2 0 2 1 Bent 2 2 Bent Linear 2 3 Trigonal planar 3 0 Trig onal pyramidal 3 1 T-shaped 3 2 Tetrahedral 4 0 4 1 Seesaw 4 2 Square Planar Trigonal bipyramidal 5 0 Square pyramidal 1 octahedral 0


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