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If you are reading a flat file, with minimal information regarding business rules and constraints. How can one determine the appropiate relationships between entities?

This question refers to entity relationship modeling. Logical ERDs.


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Step 1


Even though the file contains minimal information about business rules and constraints, there certain rules which is used to identify the suitable relationship among the entities. They are described as follows:

Step 2

Identify the relationship among entities:

A relationship means linking the two associated entities.

  • The relationship always expressed with a “verb”.
  • The relationship among two entities is represented in “diamond” shape.
  • The relationship name is specified into that diamond shape.
  • There is no hard rule exist to identify the relationship. It always depends on the requirement of data.
    • For example: the “belongs to” is referred as relationship among department and employee entities.

Types of relationship:

  • There are three types of data relationships. They are,
    • One-to-one (1-to-1):
      • One record in one table is linked with one and only record in ano...

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