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In 1992, a 14-kg meteorite struck a car in Peekskill, NY, leaving a 20-cm-deep dent in the trunk.

If the meteorite was moving at 500 m/s before striking the car, what was the magnitude of its acceleration while stopping?

Find the time it takes for the meteorite to come to a complete stop.


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Step 1

Let u be the initial velocity of meteorite, v be the final velocity, a be the acceleration, t be the time taken for the meteorite to come to a complete stop, s be the distance travelled before stopping.

Write all the given values in the question.


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m =14 kg u500 m/s 0 m/s s 20 cm 0.2 m

Step 2

Write the expression for the third kinematic equation of the motion.


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(0)(500 m/s)+2a(0.2 m) -(500 m/s) a 0.4 m a -6.25 x 105 m/s2

Step 3

Write the expression for the first kin...


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1- t : (0 m/s)(500 m/s) -6.25x10 m/s2 =8x 10 =0.8 ms


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