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in a reaction involving iron, Fe, and oxygen, O. it was determined that 4.166 grams of iron reacted with 1.803 grams of oxygen. form this information, determine the empirical formula of the compound that resulted.


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The term empirical formula in chemistry refers to the simplest positive integer ratio of all the atoms which are present in the given compound.

Step 2

The term number of moles refers to the ratio of mass to the molar mass of the given compound. The chemical formula is as shown below:


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Mass Number of moles=, Molar Mass

Step 3

In the given problem, it has been given that the mass of Fe which reacts with oxygen is 4.166 g and the mass of oxygen is given to be 1.803 g.

To determin...


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4.166 g 55.845 g/mol 1.803 g -0.11268 moles 16 g/mol Number of moles (Fe)- =0.07459 moles Number of moles (O)-


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