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In a survey, 20 people were asked how much they spent on their child's last birthday gift. The results were roughly bell-shaped with a mean of $37.7 and standard deviation of $16.7. Estimate how much a typical parent would spend on their child's birthday gift (use a 95% confidence level). Give your answers to 3 decimal places.

Express your answer in the format of ¯xx¯ ±±  E. 
$ ±± $


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Step 1

Given information:

It is given that mean is 37.7 (x-bar); the standard deviation (s) is 16.7; the sample size n is 20; confidence level is 95%.

Step 2

Confidence interval:

Since the population standard deviation is not given, t-test is appropriate here to compute th...


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CI t 1 Vn


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