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in an ectopic pregnancy what happens?


in an ectopic pregnancy what happens?

Step 1

Pregnancy is  a condition in which an embryo develops inside a female. Under normal conditions, the fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterus of female. 

It completes its period of gestation in the uterus by growing into a fetus  and finally into full term baby capable of being delivered.  During gestation, the nutrition and space  is provided by the mother via uterine walls or umblical cord.

Step 2

Ectopic preganancy is a condition in which the fertilized egg implants at places other than uterus, such as ovary, fallopian tubes etc. Such egg neither gets space nor nutrition  and hence cannot develop completely.

Main cause of ectopic pregnancy is inflammation of fallopian tubes, The growing embryonic tissue results in uncontrolled and life threatening bleeding.

Step 3

Major symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are

1. Severe pelvic and abdomnal pain.

2. Heomorrhage or high blood flow in fallopian tubes which comes out with bowel movement or starts getting collected in body parts such as pelvis or abdomen and finally shoulers.

Confirmation is usually done by examining  the   internal organs by ultrasound.

Ectopic preganacy cannot be continued and hence is terminated as early as possible by surgical procedures                                                                                     &nb...

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