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In an RLC circuit, L = 5.0 mH, C = 6.0μF, and R = 200 Ω.

(a) Is the circuit underdamped, critically damped, or overdamped?

(b) If the circuit starts oscillating with a charge of 3.0 × 10−3 C on the capacitor, how much energy has been dissipated in the resistor by the time the oscillations cease?


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Step 1

Given information:

Resistance (R) = 200 ohm

Inductance (L) = 5.0 mH

Capacitance (C) = 6.0 µF

Step 2

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Condition for under damped is 2L Condition for critical damped is 2L Condition for over damped is 2L

Step 3

Image Transcriptionclose

Substitute 5.0 x 10-³H for L, 6.0 × 10-6 F for C, and 200 N for Rin 2 and Now, 200 2L 2x5.0x10 200 0.01 20000 6.0x10 6 5.0x10 3 30x 10 = 0.0058 Equating the values of R and E we obtain, 2L 2L Therefore, the circuit is over damped. |-14|4


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