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Given the following, use a range-based for loop to load the array with user input (include a prompt cout followed by cin):

const int SIZE = 5;
int numbers[SIZE];

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Step 1

The C++ program to enter and display the content of an integer array by using range-based for loop, cin and cout is given below:


  • Declaring the header file and the namespace.
  • The Main function is declared, and inside the main function, variables are initialized as per the requirement.
  • The const keyword is used to make the value of the SIZE variable constant.
  • Initializing the integer array of size 5.
  • Using the for loop to iterate the elements of an array.
  • Inside this loop, cin is used to prompt the user to take input.
  • Another loop is used to iterate the input elements of the numbers array.
  • Inside this loop, cout is used to display the content of the integer array.
Step 2


#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()


    //using const keyword

    //to make the value of SIZE variable constant

    const int SIZE = 5;

    //integer array of size 5

    int numbers[SIZE];

    cout<<"Please enter the elements you want to fill in the array: \n";

    //using for loop to iterate the elements of array

    for (int i = 0; i < SIZE; i++)


       //prompt user to take input



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