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In designing an experiment involving a treatment applied to 4 test​ subjects, researchers plan to use a simple random sample of 4 subjects selected from a pool of 34 available subjects.​ (Recall that with a simple random​ sample, all samples of the same size have the same chance of being​ selected.) Answer the questions below. How many different simple random samples are​ possible? What is the probability of each simple random sample in this​ case?


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It is provided that 4 subjects are randomly selected out of 34 subjects which is available.


The number of subjects (r)=4

The number of avai...


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34 *С, - 3C. (34-4)!4! 34x 33x32 x31x 30! 30!4! 34x33x32x31 4x3 x 2 x1 46376


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