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In Exercises 23 and 24, use the given categorical data to construct the relative frequency distribution.

Births Natural births randomly selected from four hospitals in New York State occurred on the days of the week (in the order of Monday through Sunday) with these frequencies: 52, 66, 72, 57, 57, 43, 53. Does it appear that such births occur on the days of the week with equal frequency?


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Step 1

Relative Frequency:


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Frequency Relative Frequency : Total Frequency

Step 2

From the given information, the frequencies...


Image Transcriptionclose

Day Frequency Relative Frequency Total Frequency Frequency Frequency 400 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 0.13 52 66 0.165 0.18 72 57 0.1425 57 0.1425 0.1075 43 Sunday 53 0.1325 Total=400


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