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In Exercises 5–36, express all probabilities as fractions.

Quinela In a horse race, a quinela bet is won if you selected the two horses that finish first and second, and they can be selected in any order. The 140th running of the Kentucky Derby had a field of 19 horses. What is the probability of winning a quinela bet if random horse selections are made?


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Step 1

Given that,

A quinela bet is won if you selected the two horses that finish first and second, and they can be selected in any order.

Step 2


         A combination is a selection of all object or part of a set of objects, without regard to the order in which objects are selected.

The formula for computing combination is


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n! „C' =(",)=; r!(n-r)! where nis the number of elements in a set r is the mmber of arranged elements tocalculate

Step 3



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n=19 total no.of ways =, C; 19! 19C = 2!(19 – 2)! 19! 2!.17! 19(18) 2 =171


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