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In Exercises 5–36, express all probabilities as fractions. 

Soccer Shootout In soccer, a tie at the end of regulation time leads to a shootout by three members from each team. How many ways can 3 players be selected from 11 players available? For 3 selected players, how many ways can they be designated as first, second, and third?


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Step 1

Obtain the number of ways, 3 players can be selected from 11 players:

The total number of players, n = 11.

Number of players selected, r = 3.

Here, it is appropriate to use combination.

The formula for combination is,


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n! C(n,r) = !(n-r)!

Step 2

The number of ways, 3 players can be selected from...


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11! 11C 3!(11-3)! =165


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