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In Exercises, use Table VII to find the required χ2-values. Illustrate your work graphically.

For a χ2-curve with 19 degrees of freedom, find the χ2-value that has area

a. 0.025 to its right.
b. 0.95 to its right.


Expert Answer

Step 1


Chi-square curve has degrees of freedom is 19 and the area to the right is 0.025.

Software procedure:

Step by step procedure to obtain -graph using MINITAB software is given below:

  • Choose Graph > Probability distribution plot.
  • Click on view probability. Click OK.
  • Under distribution, select Chi-Square.
  • Enter the value 19 in degrees of freedom.
  • Under shaded area, click on ...
Statistics homework question answer, step 1, image 1

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