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In java write a program that takes four int command-line arguments w, x, y, z,. define a boolean variable whose value is true if the four values are either in strictly acending order (w<x<y<z) or strictly descending order (w>x>y>z), and false otherwise, then display the boolean variable value.

Note: Do not use if statements on the program

Note: Assume that the inputs will always be integers


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Step 1

The java program and its approach are given below: -

Approach: -  

  • Defining the main class and inside the main class defining the main() method.
  • Inside the main() method, declaring the variable as per the given instructions.
  • The variables store the value given as the command line arguments accordingly (description is given as the comments in the program).
  • The Boolean variable will store true if any of the conditions is valid that is either the command line arguments are given in the ascending or descending order otherwise false.
  • Displays the value stored in the Boolean variable.   
Step 2

Java program: -

//defining the main class

public class Main


    //defining the main method

    public static void main(String[] a)


        //declaring the variables

        int w, x, y, z;

        //boolean variable

        boolean res;

        //the index of argument 'a' started from 0

        //command line arguments are of string types

        //parseInt() method is used to convert them into integers

        //the value at first index is stored in the variable w

        w = Integer.parseInt(a[0]);

        //the value at second index is stored in the variable x

        x = Integer.parseInt(a[1]);

        //the value at third index is stored in the variable y

        y = Integer.parseInt(a[2]);

        //the value at fourth index is stored in the variable z

        z = Integer.parseInt(a[3]);

        //comparing the values of varible w, x, y, z

        //res variable will store true if either of condition becomes true

        //otherwise false

        res = (w < x && x < y && y < z) || (w > x && x > y && y > z);

        //display the value of boolean varible either true or false




Step 3

Program Screenshot with command-line arguments: -

Computer Science homework question answer, step 3, image 1


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