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In MS Access, what kind of data will be accepted into database using the
input mask \A\S\ 00\-99\-A;0;#
A) AS 12-90-9
B) CS 23-12-A
C) AS 23-08-A
D) AS 10- -B
E) 00-99-A


Expert Answer

Step 1

Input mask:

Input mask is used to specify what kind of data it will take in database. These are some predefined rules with some expression.

Step 2

\A\S\ 00\-99\-A;0;#

  1. A) AS 12-90-9
    B) CS 23-12-A
    C) AS 23-08-A
    D) AS 10- -B
    E) 00-99-A

 \A is used for literal character, it displayed as just A.

\S is used for literal character, it displayed as just S.

(\ ) is used for literal character, it displayed as just space.

0 is used for digit, it displayed a digit in range of 0-9 digit.


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