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In the gas phase, nitrogen dioxide is actually a mixture of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and dinitrogen tetroxide (N2O4). If the density of such a mixture is 3.06 g/L at 74°C and 1.70 atm,calculate the partial pressures of the gases and KP for the dissociation of N2O4.

Pressure of NO2: ?atm
Pressure of N2O4: ?atm


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Step 1

The equilibrium reaction of the nitrogen dioxide N2O4 -

The given equilibrium reaction has a homogeneous process ie., dissociation reaction and formation reaction, then their equilibrium constant is given by Kp, partial pressure.


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N,O (g)2NO, (g)

Step 2


Density = 3.06 g/L

Temperature = 74°C

Pressure = 1.70 atm

Now we have to calculate the partial pressure of all the gases and the Kp value for the dissociation of N2O5.


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(Рo) к, --(C) (Рзо.)

Step 3

According to an ideal...


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PV nRT (i) Change the equation (ii) and derived molar mass values. dRT Molar mass (ii) P dRT Р Pu d= RT (h) where, umolarmass, d = density.,R = gasconstant, T = temperature, P = pressure


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