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In which of the following solvents would you expect KI to be most soluble? 1. C6H142. CCl43. CH3CH2OH4. C6H125.C6H6


In which of the following solvents would you expect KI to be most soluble? 

1. C6H14

2. CCl4


4. C6H12


Step 1

A solution can be defined as the mixture that consists of two components; solute and solvent. Here solute is the component that is present in less amount whereas solvent is found in more amount.

For example in salt solution salt is solute and water is a solvent.

Step 2

If a solute is completely soluble in the solvent, it forms a true solution. To dissolve in a solvent, the solute molecules must have some intermolecular interactions with solvent molecules. Therefore a polar solvent dissolves polar solute and a non-polar solvent dissolves a non-polar solute. Hence “Like dissolves like.”

Step 3

KI is an ionic compound that is composed of two types of ions: K+ (cation) and I- (anion).

It has an ionic bond betw...

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