Instructions: Evaluate the integral.
ī sin æcos? adæ
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A: Cn=2+(2/2)+(2/3)+....+(2/n) C1=2 C2=2/2=1  

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A: Given:  y = (x2 + 6)(x3 + 2) Formula use: Product rule for derivative: ddx[f(x).g(x)]=f(x).ddxg(x)+g...

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A: Given data:   The expression for the given function is: f(x)=(x3+9)ex.   The expression for the firs...

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A: to simplify log464y

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A: Known formula: Prn=n!n-r!

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A: Let us assume  y=3  Then the right side= log x + log 3= log(3x)  This not equal to the left side log...

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Q: Need help to find derivative and best rule to use c43

A: Given fx=x3+6x2 Rewriting the equation: fx=x3+6x212  

Q: Find the coordinates of the midpoint of the line segment joining the points.(4, 0, −6), (8, 8, 20)

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A: a) We first use the exponent rule of log. 12log(x)+4log(x-1)=log(x12)+log(x-1)4=log(x)+log(x-1)4 The...

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A: (a) Here from the graph, we can see that, The graph has a break at the point x =1, that is, Thus th...

Q: Describe the transformation in this function:f( x)=(x-7)^2

A: f(x)=x-72.  

Q: Let logb 2 = A and logb 3 = C. Write the expression logb8 in terms of A and C.

A: The power property of Logarithm is expressed as: logbxr=rlogbx where x and bare real positive number...

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A: Coterminal angles are those angles having same initial and terminal side. In order to find the coter...

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Q: Find the area under the graph of the function f(x)=xe^(−x^2) between x=0 and x=5.

A: We first sketch the region using a graphing calculator.   

Q: Find an equation for the graph.

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Q: Parametric equations and a value for the parameter t are given x = 3 - 5t, y = 4 + 2t; t = 1. Find t...

A: For t=1 , x=3-5t= 3-5(1)= 3-5=-2  For t=1, y=4+2t=4+2(1)=4+2=6   

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A: Substitute x=1 in the given equation Then P(x)=0 So (x-1) is a factor of P(x)  

Q: A three-person committee is needed to study ways of improving publictransportation. How many committ...

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Q: Simplify the exponential expression. 1/3

A: Given,          8x2y61/3  

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Instructions: Evaluate the integral. ī sin æcos? adæ