it 3 Review
36) 5*-7=32x+ 1
38) 11e-4x = 21
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it 3 Review 36) 5*-7=32x+ 1 38) 11e-4x = 21

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A: y varies inversely with x, so we can write y=k/x. Given When x = 6, then y = 5.Using this we get k= ...

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A: Rearrange the given expression. 

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A: given information.

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A: Simplify

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A: We will try to express it in y=mx+b form.

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A: The given function and binomial are

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A: The cost of 1 bottle of water is $1.00The cost of 167 bottle of water is $1.00 times 167= $167

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A: Given,

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A: Given: -

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A: Given,

Q: please solve and show your work

A: Given fraction is,  

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A: From given, the height of the triangle is 1 foot shorter than its base, h=b-1.

Q: please solve and show your work

A: Click to see the answer

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A: The system of equations

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A: Consider the given expression.

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A: Given radical expression is,

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A: Plug x+h in place of x. Find f(x+h)

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A: Given

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A: The given exponential expression is

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A: Given thatInitial value of the car is $31000Depreciation rate is 25%

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A: It is given that, the total perimeter of the given figure is 16.Redraw the given figure as shown bel...

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A: It is given that 99 Mexican Pesos equals to $5.50.So, by using the Unitary method, find the value of...

Q: Find the slope, Y-interceprt, and X-intercept of the line. -8x+6y=7

A: Given:

Q: How do I solve this equation? And how do I determine what type of solution it is?

A: Given equation is 

Q: Sketch the graph    3x-6y=12

A: Given equation is

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A: Multiply rational expressions

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