The initial values of i1 and i2 in the circuit shown are + 3 A and −5 A, respectively. The voltage at the terminals of the parallel inductors for t≥0 is −30e−5t mV.

1. a) If the parallel inductors are replaced by a single inductor, what is its inductance?

2. b) Find the initial current and its reference direction in the equivalent inductor.

3. c) Use the equivalent inductor to find i(t).

4. d) Find i1(t) and i2(t). Verify that the solutions for i1(t), i2(t), and i(t) satisfy Kirchhoff’s current law

i(1)360 mH i>(t)3240 mH

Image Transcription

i(t) i(1)360 mH i>(t)3240 mH i;(t)

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