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It is equally probable that the pointer on the spinner shown will land on any one of the eight​ regions, numbered 1 through 8. If the pointer lands on a​ borderline, spin again. Find the probability that the pointer will stop on an
number or a number greater than
A circle spinner divided into 8 equal regions numbered 1 through 8.
The probability is
​(Type an integer or a fraction. Simplify your​ answer.)

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Step 1

It is possible for the pointer to land on a number that is both Odd and greater than 6.


 Number Odd numbers {1,3,5,7} is 4.


 Number Greater than 6 is {7,8} is 2.


7 is only number which Odd and greater than 6. Therefore, the number of numbers greater than 6 and odd is 1.


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