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It's Java so here's the questionWrite the code to calculate the total of three int variables a, b, and c and print the result int a = 3;int b = 5;int c = 8;And thank you ?


It's Java so here's the question

Write the code to calculate the total of three int variables a, b, and c and print the result 

int a = 3;

int b = 5;

int c = 8;

And thank you ?


Step 1

To write a program in java, to calculate the sum of given three integer variables and printing their result.

Step 2

Program code:

public class Main


//Main method declaration

public static void main(String[] args)


int a = 3;

int b = 5;

int c = 8;

int sum;

//calculating sum of the three given variables

sum = a+b+c;

// displaying the tota...

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