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It's known that there are 10 faulty light bulbs among a shipment of 100 light bulbs. If the testing department randomly chooses 5 light bulbs from the shipment to test, what's the probability that there is at least one faulty light bulb among the 5 chosen to be tested?


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Step 1

According to the given information there are total 100 light bulbs

Out of which 10 are faulty light bulbs

5 bulbs are selected at random and it is required to calculate the probability that at least one faulty bulb is chosen at random.



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(10c, x90c)(10c, x 90)+(10c, x90,) + (10, х90 (10c, x90) +(10c, x90) 100cs p(atleast 1 faulty bulb) =

Step 2

Now, solve the above...


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10c, x90)+(10c, x90)+(10, x90)+ (10c, x90)(10 X c, x 90) p(atleast 1 faulty bulb) = 100cs 25551900 5286600+480600+ 18900 252 75287520 =0.4162


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