Jada deposited an amount of money in a bank 5 years ago. If the bank had been paying interest at the rate of 4%/year computers daily (assume a 365-day year) and she has $12,000 on deposit today, what was her initial deposit? (round answer to the nearest cent)

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A: Integrate with respect to r first   

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A: A(x) will have critical points if A'(x)=0  That means f(x)=0   f(x)=0 at x=1 and x=4.5  

Q: 2

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Q: Vectors u and v have magnitudes 2 and 3. What is the largest magnitude their cross-product can have?

A: Given that |u|=2 and |v|=3  |uxv| = |u||v|sinθ =(2)(3)sinθ =6sinθ   

Q: Suppose J f (x) da = -4 and fg (x) de = -9. 1 2 Evaluate S (3 f(x)+4 g(x)) dæ.

A: Given By using the properties of definite integral, we have

Q: Evaluate the integral ∫csc4xdx.

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Q: Exercise To Try 3 Determine the limits lim 2-a X→1 (x–1)2

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A: If F= &lt;f , g , h &gt; then And   

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