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Ka for weak acid HZ is 2.8 * 10^-5. The PH of a buffer prepared by combining 50.0 ml of 1.00 M NaZ and 22.0 ml 1.00 M HZ is


B) 4.55

C) 4.91

D) 5.14


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Step 1

Calculation for number of moles of HZ:


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number of moles molarity = Volume number of moles = molarity x Volume number of moles = 1.0 mol/L × 22.0 × 10-³L number of moles = 0.022 moles

Step 2

Calculation for number of moles of NaZ:


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number of moles = molarity × Volume number of moles = 1.0 mol/L × 50.0 × 10-³L number of moles = 0.05 moles

Step 3

Calculation concentration of HZ left after mixing with NaZ:



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number of moles molarity = total volume of mixture 0.028 mol molarity = 0.07 L molarity = 0.4 M


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