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Karlin Company gathered the following reconciling information in preparing its April bank reconciliation:


Cash balance per books, 4/30

$ 17,600

Deposits in transit


Notes receivable and interest collected by bank


Bank charge for check printing


Outstanding checks


NSF check


The adjusted cash balance per books on April 30 is:










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Step 1

Computation of adjusted cash balance per books on April 30:

Hence, the adjusted cash balance per books on April 30 is $22,200.

Answer: Option C ($22,200)...


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Вб =B2+B3-B4-B5 Particulars 2 Cash balance as per book 3 Add: Notes receivable and interest collected by bank 4 Less: Bank charge for check printing 5 Less: NSF check 6 Cash balance as per book on April 30 17600 5920 200 1120 22200


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