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Inelastic Collision

Calculate the combined velocity of the two gliders after collision collision from the v1i and v2i from values below using the attached equation.

M1 : 195.2g ± 0.1g 

M2: 182.8g ± 0.1g 

M1 (needle)   M2 (wax)    
Intial Velocity  0.28m/s Intial Velocity  0.0m/s  
Final Velocity  0.15m/s  Final Velocity 0.15m/s  
known final velocity. The momentum conservation equation reads
(m + M)ūj
where f is the common final velocity of the two gliders together

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known final velocity. The momentum conservation equation reads (m + M)ūj (6.6) moliMi where f is the common final velocity of the two gliders together


Expert Answer

Step 1

According to the conservation of momentum equation,

Step 2

Substitute the values, to calculate the combined v...

(195.2g)(0.28m/s)+(182.8g)(0m/s)- (195.2g+182.8g)v,
(54.7g-m/s) (378g)v,

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(195.2g)(0.28m/s)+(182.8g)(0m/s)- (195.2g+182.8g)v, (54.7g-m/s) (378g)v, (54.7g-m/s) (378g) 0.14m/s


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