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The uniform thin rod in
Figure P8.47 has mass
M = 3.50 kg and length
L = 1.00 m and is free to
rotate on a frictionless
pin. At the instant the
rod is released from rest
in the horizontal position,
find the magnitude
of (a) the rod’s angular
acceleration, (b) the tangential
acceleration of
the rod’s center of mass, and (c) the tangential acceleration
of the rod’s free end.

x CG
Figure P8.47

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L/2 x CG Figure P8.47


Expert Answer

Step 1

Part A:


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Given info: The mass of the rod is 3.50 kg, length of the rod is 1.00 m, and acceleration due to gravity is 9.80 m/s².

Step 2

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Part(@):- mg Net torque on the rod (T) - (mg) ) But T- Id Id= of the rod about one of its ends- . momot of inertia mc? I=

Step 3

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There fore, ()- d = mg mL 39 3x9.8 Angular acceleration (x) . 2X1 x = 14°7 radls


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