Asked Sep 25, 2019

Let P(E)=0.3, P(F/E)=0.4, P(F'/E')=0.1. Find

a) P(F/E')

b) P(E intersects F)

c) P(F') 

I couldnt find the intersect button so i wrote it out


Expert Answer

Step 1

Form the given information,


Image Transcriptionclose

P(E) 0.3, P(F E) 0.4, P(F E) 0.1

Step 2

Thus, the required probabilities ca...


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P(E) 0.3 P(F E) 0.4. Р(EnF) P(F E _ P(E) 0.4x0.3 P(EnF) P(EnF) 0.12 P(FE) 0.1 P(F'nE' P(F E')=P(E') 0.1x0.7 P(F'n E') P(F'nE')= 0.07 P(F)1-0.30-0.07+0.12 P(F) =0.75 P(FIE)PFOE') P(E') Р(F)-P(EnF) 1-P(E) 0.75-0.12 0.7 =0.9


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