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longest wavelength of electromagnetic radiation capable of ionizing this hydrogen atom in an excited state


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Bohr’s theory of atoms was applicable for one electron system. It purposed the energy levels in an atom. These energy levels are occupied by electrons. Electrons can show the transition between these energy levels that involves certain energy. The excitation requires energy whereas, transition from the higher level to lower level release a certain amount of energy.


Step 2

Bohr’s theory of atoms was applicable to the one electron system. It purposed the energy levels in an atom. It purposed the mathematical relation for the calculation of the radius of orbits, energy and velocity of electrons.  


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-2.179 x 1021 xZ2 - kJ -13.6Z2 eV n2 Energy= n2

Step 3

For the ground state of H atom;

Z = 1  ( atomic number)

n= 1 ( ground state ...


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-2.179 x 1021 xZ2 kJ Energy n 2 -2.179 x 1021 x(1) kJ Energy= (1)2 x 102 kJ Energy = -2.179


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