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can you help me solve this? I know the first trigonometric function Ian sin2o + cos2O=1 but  how do i apply it to this? And how do I solve the other 2? 


Also, how do I use my calculator to find the angle for secO=3.02. I tried 1/-cos(3.02) and it gave me an error. What am i doing wrong? 

lse ideites to Comflek
He follouwmg
a 4sin t 4cos

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lse ideites to Comflek He follouwmg 2 a 4sin t 4cos COS bitanzcot 2. 2 Cltans-Secx


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Step 1

Hi there! As you have uploaded multiple questions, we are providing you the solution of the first three question. If you need help with other question, kindly re-submit them separately and we will answer that for you. Thank you!

Step 2

(a) We need to compute the value of


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4sin2x4cos2x - 4(sin2x cos2x) using the identity sin2x cos2x 1, we get, Thus, 4(sin2xcos2x) = 4(1) = 4 (a)4sin2x4cos2x = 4

Step 3

(b) We need to comput...


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(tan x)(cot x) sin x COS X We know that, and cotx tan x sin x cos x (tan x)(cot x) Thus, sin x cos x sin x coS x 1 (b) (tan x)(cot x) = 1


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