A girl of mass m1=60.0 kilograms springs from a trampoline with an initial upward velocity of vi=8.00 meters per second. At height h=2.00 meters above the trampoline, the girl grabs a box of mass m2=15.0 kilograms. (Figure 1)

For this problem, use g=9.80 meters per second per second for the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity.

What is the speed vbefore of the girl immediately before she grabs the box?
Express your answer numerically in meters per second.
What is the speed vafter of the girl immediately after she grabs the box?
Express your answer numerically in meters per second.
What is the maximum height hmax that the girl (with box) reaches? Measure hmax with respect to the top of the trampoline.
Express your answer numerically in meters.

Image Transcription

m2 тy h

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