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Many people mistakenly believe that astronauts that orbit the Earth are "above gravity." Calculate the acceleration due to gravity (g) for space shuttle territory, 200 kilometers above the Earth's surface. Earth's mass is 6 x 1024 kilograms and its radius is 6.38 x 106 meters (6380 kilometers). Your answer is what percentage of 9.8m/s2?


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Step 1

We know the equation,
g = GM/R2

Step 2

G- Gravitational constant (6.67 × 10-11 m3/(kg s2))

M - Mass of the earth 6×1024 kg

R- Radius of earth

Step 3

Space shuttle territory is 200000 meters above the earth's surface, and the radius of the earth is 6.38 x 106 meters. In this case, R = 200000+63...

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