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Mesitylene is a liquid hydrocarbon. Burning 0.650 g of the compound in oxygen gives 2.14 g of CO2 and 0.585 g of H2O. What is the empirical formula of mesitylene?



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Step 1


Given information:

Mass of mesitylene = 0.650 g

Mass of carbon dioxide = 2.14 g

Mass of water = 0.585 g

Step 2

The representation of atoms of a compound in simple whole number ratio is known as empirical formula.

The rules for determining empirical formula is given as follows:

  • Determine the mass of elements in given compound.
  • Calculate number of moles using molar mass of each compound or element.
  • Divide each number of moles by smallest number of mole value calculated in second step.
  • Round the value calculated in step 3 to nearest whole number.
Step 3
  1. Mass of mesitylene = 0.650 g

Mass of carbon dioxide = ...

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