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MgNH4PO4•6H2O loses H2O in a stepwise fashion as it is heated. Between 40 degrees celsius and 60 degrees celsius, the monohydrate is formed. What is the percentage of phosphorus in the monohydrate?
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Step 1

MgNH4PO4.6H2O loses water in stepwise fashion and when the monohydrate is formed between 40°C and 60°C then there is only one molecule of water left as water of crystallisation.

Step 2

Monohydrate Formula = MgNH4PO4.H2O

Molecular mass of the monohydrate


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mass of (Mg+ N+ 4xH P 4x O+ mass of H,0) (24+14+4+31+4 x 16 +18)g = 155g

Step 3

Atomic weight of phosphorus= 31g

Percentage of phosphorus in monohydrate is calculat...


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mass of P percentage -x 100 mass of monohydrate 31 x100 155 20.00%


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