Asked May 12, 2019
  1. Monica, still, takes one hour to wash a car and Bill takes two hours to wash a car.  If they work together, how long will it take them to wash one car?

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Step 1

Let Monica and Bill can complete the work in x hours if they work together.

Washing a car can be denoted as 100% work.

It can be said that in 1 hour Monica can complete 100% work alone.

In x hour she can complete 100x% work.

In 2 hours Bill can complete 100% work.

In 1 hour Bill can complete (100/2)% = 50% work.

In x hour he can complete 50x% work.

If they both will work together, in x hours they will complete (100x +50x)% work.

We have assumed that in x hours they both can complete the 100% work.


Step 2

Therefore, in (2/3) hour = (2/3)×60 minutes =...

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