most stable
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Q: Ex2:

A: Here we find the net volume of NaOH that is to be added and then find the average value.

Q: In a recent Grand Prix, the winner completed the race with an average speed of 229.8 km/h. What was ...

A: The given distance in feet and miles are; 1 km=0.62137 miles229.8 km=142.79 miles1 km=3280.84 feet22...

Q: The separate enantiomers. of 2-hydroxyheptanoic acid were needed for determination of the absolute c...

A: a

Q: for number 1, just prepapre those final product from Benzene or Benzol

A: Click to see the answer

Q: From the unbalanced reaction: B2H6 + O2  HBO2 + H2Oa. What mass of O2 will be needed to burn 36.1 g ...

A: The reaction given is, => B2H6 + O2 --------> HBO2 + H2O Balancing : Since we have 2 B in LHS....

Q: How can one nonpolar molecule induce a dipole in a nearby nonpolar molecule?

A: If there is no electronegativity difference between the two atoms joined,then the molecule is said t...

Q: A reaction vessel initially contains only 3.5 atm of N₂O₄. When the system reaches equilibrium accor...

A: Kp=(pno2)2÷pn2o4 Kp= 1.01  

Q: Write a isotope symbol for A cation with a charge of 3+, 41 electrons, 60 neutrons

A: Atomic number is equal to the number of protons present in an atom. In a neutral atom,number of prot...

Q: Select the correct answer. Why was Niels Bohr's atomic model superior to all the earlier models? OA ...

A: It is superior beacuse it told that electron could revolve around the orbit without falling into it ...

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most stable