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Naphthalene melts at 353 K. The vapor pressure of the liquid is 9329.0 Pa at 407 K and 28,638 Pa at 442 K. The vapor pressure of the solid is 3.13 Pa at 286 K and 726.3 Pa at 349 K.

Calculate the triple point temperature.

Calculate the triple point pressure.


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The delta H fussion of the rea...


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215torr 8.314 J mol1 K1x In 70torr -47.967KJ mol AH ДНе sublimation 1 1 407K 442K 5.45torT 8.314 J mol1 K1x In 0.023torr ΔΗ vaporization = 72.158kJ mol 1 1 286K 349K ΔΗ. fusion 47.967-72.158 = -24.182 kJm ol


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