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Of waterfalls with a height of more than 50 m, Niagara Falls in Canada has the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world. The total average flow rate of the falls is 2.80×103 m3/s and its average height is 52.0 m (Niagara Falls Live, 2017).

Given that the density of water is 1.00×103 kg/m3, calculate the average power output of Niagara Falls.

average power output:

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Step 1

Given:  Average height, h = 52 m

               Avegarge flow rate, (V/t) = 2.80 × 103 m3/s

              Density of water = 1.00 × 103 kg/m3

Find:   Average power output, Pavg = ?


Step 2

Use the formula of power as:

Step 3

Put all the values in above formula ...


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