Asked Nov 7, 2019

Parrish 2-9 #3 Pg 39


Please solve and find the missing amount in the T-Account

                      Selling Expense

1) 1/1 Beginning Balance $0

2) 1/5 Transaction A $1500

3) 1/13 Transaction B $6000

4) 1/28 Transaction C $8700

5) 1/9 Transaction D $? ( this is on the right side of T Account)

6) Ending balance $14700


Expert Answer

Step 1

Calculation formulas for missing amount...


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C 5ate E F Amount (S) Amount (S) 09-Jan-F10-F7 31-Jan 14700 Date 6 01-Jan 0 7 05-Jan 1500 8 13-Jan 6000 9 28-Jan 8700 =SUM(D6.D9) =D10 10


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