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Part B through C Please. 
For the system of capacitors shown in the figure below(Figure 1), a potential difference of 25.0 V is maintained across ab.

Part B
How much charge is stored by this system?
Part C
How much charge does the 6.50 nF capacitor store?


Expert Answer

Step 1

For part B, First calculate the equivalent capacitance of the System,

Solve for the series capacitances in the above circuit as,



Image Transcriptionclose

1 1 1 + 30 10 1 18 5+3+9 90 17 90 C 5.29nF ||

Step 2

Now calculate the Equivalent capacitance Ceq as ,


Image Transcriptionclose

C(5.29+ 6.5+7.5)nF -19.29nF

Step 3

The expression for the total charge stored by this system is given by,


Qtotal = CeqV

Substitute 1...


Image Transcriptionclose

Qoai (19.29nF) (25v) -482.25nC


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Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

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