please solve and show your work


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Q: The exponential model A 258.3e0.0161 describes the population, A, of a country in millions, t years ...

A: In the year 2003 t=0. Hence population in year 2003 was 

Q: 6 x-1 x x-1 this is one problem put together no equal signs

A: Consider the given expression

Q: A commuter train travels 45 miles in 34 minutes. What is its speed in miles per hour?

A: Formula:

Q: Lashonda took out a $6000 loan for 5 months and was charged simple interest. The total interest she ...

A: Formula:

Q: factor out the greatest common factor from each polynomial 2n(a+b) +4m (a+b)

A: Given expression is 2n(a+b)+4m(a+b)Simplify the expression 

Q: Graphing Linear Equations Graph vertical and horizontal lines Question Graph the line y = 4. Provide...

A: We know that,

Q: Hello I need some help with 78-f,g and h

A: f) Graphed the function and graphed the secant lines.

Q: It's the 13ft ladder question.

A: Given:A 13-ft ladder is leaning against a wall. The distance from the top of the ladder to the botto...

Q: Graph the solution set for the of linear inequalities  x+y<4 y>x y>-3

A: Make table for the auxiliary equations. 

Q: The cost C in dollars of removing p% of the air pollutants in the stack emissions of a utility compa...

A: The given equation of the cost C (in dollars) in removing p percent of the air pollutants in the sta...

Q: The sum/ difference of square  200x3-18x

A: To factorize the given expression using "difference of square" formula

Q: A vehicle factory manufactures cars. The unit cost C (the cost in dollars to make each car) depends ...

A: forminimum value of cost.

Q: Question in Photo

A: Click to see the answer

Q: determine wether the binomial is a factor of f(x).  f(x) = 2x3-13x2-38x+112; x+2

A: The given function and binomial are

Q: f(x)=2x2+3 What is the vertex? What is the domain and range?

A: vertex of the opening upward parabola.

Q: Solve the following systems of equations by graphing -2x+4y=12 y=1/2x

A: Given equation is

Q: In how many ways can six pictures be selected from a group of ten different pictures?

A: It is given that 6 different pictures are to be selected from a group of 10 pictures, therefore,

Q: 34.

A: Degree of the given ploynomial is : 5, which is odd and Leading coefficent is : 1, which is a positi...

Q: The total cost function for a product is C(x) = 675 ln(x + 10) + 1800 where x is the number of uni...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: circle final solution

A: To determine a function to represent the population of bat after t years and the percentage rate of ...

Q: I need help with number 37

A: The following function is used to compute the monthly cost for a subscriber

Q: If $7500 is invested at 14.5% compounded continuously, the future value S at any time t (in years) i...

A: Refer to the question, we need to calculate the future value S at any time t (in years) from the pro...

Q: If g(t)= -9t3, evaluate g(1/3t) g(1/3t)=?

A: Click to see the answer

Q: please solve and show your work

A: To factor 

Q: 8x-6y3 142. y Extending Skills Simplify ea real numbers. (24)A 145 ks(5k-2)- (2mp)2(4m2p) 2 147 (-3m...

A: Note: Hello! we are answering only one question in single question, therefore we are answering to fi...

Q: If an investment company pays 6% compounded semiannually, how much should you deposit now to have $1...

A: Compound interest formula:

Q: 1/2t+6=-7

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Use the properties of exponents to simplify. Your answer should only contain positive exponents. Sho...

A: The given exponential expression is

Q: Number 90 I'm not sure hoto answer this

A: To graph the inequality and write the set in interval notation.

Q: Graph the solution set for the linear inequalities  x+y>6 2x-y<6

A: Draw the line equations as shown below.

Q: Equations of Lines Find an equation of the line given the slope and y-intercept Question Find the eq...

A: Let equation of the line be y=mx+c, where c is y-intercept. From the graph we see y-intercept is 

Q: Determine whether the ordered paid satisfies the equation. y=-7x-3; (4,-30)

A: For (4,-30) we will plug x=4 and y=-30 and simplify.

Q: Solve the following system of equations by using matrices x+y-2z=9 x-y+z=-4 x+y-z=6

A: Given system of equation is

Q: rtemines 2019 Problem 8.2: Factoring Rectangles CP 8 I ? ? 9 et NG X 10. ATOR x ACULA 2 X A. Write t...

A: A.Write two expressions for the area of the shaded rectangle.

Q: Add rational expressions w a common denominator  8/x+4+2x/x+4

A: Since the denominators are same so we can add the numerators.  

Q: Graph the solution set for the of linear inequalities  x-y<4 x+2y<4 x>-4

A: The given inequalities are,

Q: Find the quotient and remainder using long division. x352 The quotient is Preview The remainder is P...

A: Since you have submitted two questions, we'll answer the first question. For the second question ple...

Q: 5. Solve the following radical equations. Be sure to eliminate extraneous solutions. a. 3+Vx -1 = 6 ...

A: a) The radical 3+square root(x-1) = 6 is solved as follows.

Q: Solve the inequality. Write the solution set in interval notation if possible. P2 -3p - 10/ p-3  is ...

A: Given:

Q: Use the properties of exponents to simplify. Your answer should only contain positive exponents. Sho...

A: Given: -

Q: Solve the system -2x-9y=-4 3y-3z=0 6x-6z=1

A: From 3y-3z=0 if we factor out 3 then 3(y-z)=0Or, y-z=0Or, y=z