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Predict the larger ion in each of the following pairs.(a)   Rb+ or Sr2+    _________rubidium ion or strontium ion(b)   Co2+ or Co3+    _________cobalt(II) ion or cobalt(III) ion(c)   S- or S2-    _________sulfur -1 ion or sulfide ion(d)   Br- or I-       _________bromide ioniodide ion


Predict the larger ion in each of the following pairs.

(a)   Rb+ or Sr2+     _________rubidium ion or strontium ion
(b)   Co2+ or Co3+     _________cobalt(II) ion or cobalt(III) ion
(c)   S- or S2-    

_________sulfur -1 ion or sulfide ion

(d)   Br- or I-        _________bromide ioniodide ion
Step 1

Atomic radius trends in periodic table:

Atomic radius decreases (caused by the number of protons and electrons are increases) from left to right within a period of the periodic table.  Atomic radius increases (because of electron shielding) from top to bottom down within a group of the periodic table.  And also atom has more number of protons than electrons that will be smaller in size.

Step 2


Given pair is Rubidium ion (Rb+) and Strontium ion (Sr2+).  Strontium ion (Sr2+) has more number of protons than Rubidium ion (Rb+).  Therefore, Rubidium ion (Rb+) has larger radius.

Step 3


Given pair is Cobalt(II) ion (Co2+) and Cobalt(III) ion (Co3+).  If the attractive force increases between nuclei and outer electron t...

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