proof trigonometry identities


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Trigonometric Ratios

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Q: Write the expression in terms of sine and cosine, and simplify so that no quotients appear in the fi...

A: Given,

Q: Verify that each equation is an identity 1. sin 4x = 4 sin x cos x cos 2a

A: To verify:

Q: How do I rationalize a number?

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Q1:- Find the domain of the following functions tanx a) f(x) sinx-1 b) f(x) tan-(vInx) c) f(x) sin-(...

A: Find the domain of the function

Q: The length of the base of an isosceles triangle is 38.15 inches. Each base angle is 24.94. Find the ...

A: Let ABC be the isosceles triangle with base BC and equal sides AB and AC. Then BC=38.15 inches and a...

Q: Solve the equation for 0 if 0° <0 < 360°. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) 2 sin e 3 ...

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Q: see attached

A: Click to see the answer

Q: (5) Verify the following identities.(a) cot x + tan x = sec x csc x(b) sec4 x − sec2 x = tan4 x + ta...

A: (a) The given trigonometric identity is,

Q: see attachment

A: We know that,

Q: A rectangular strip of paper of width 4 inches is folded on the dashed line. See the diagram. Certai...

A: The proof is shown below :

Q: Verify the following identity. (attached as a photo) To verify the identity, start with the more com...

A: Left side is more complicated side. So we 'll start with left side. Plug sin3x=(3sinx-4sin^3x) and c...

Q: Solve the given equation. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let k be any integer. Round...

A: Given, 

Q: Rewrite the expression as a product. Simplify if possible. Зл cos 8 COS 8 1.3

A: Given,

Q: Find the exact value of csc (π/4)

A: To determine the exact value (no decimals) of the given  trigonometric ratio

Q: I dont understant this homework question.

A: Plug f(x)=yThen switch x and y. 

Q: - cos 4x with its graph. Match the function y Which is the correct graph of the function? O C. OB. о...

A: The given function is

Q: In a right triangle ABC, find the value of angle A if the opposite side is 18 and the hypotenuseif 4...

A: According to the given information, the figure that can be drawn is:

Q: cot2 x+1 2. sec(2a) 11 cot2 x - 1 1

A: We will start with the right side. Replace cot x by cosx/sinx Then use LCD to add or subtract fracti...

Q: Write the expression in terms of sine and cosine, and simplify so that no quotients appear in the fi...

A: Given information:

Q: Determine whether the equation is an identity. If it is, explain how.   (cos^2)x - (sin^2)x = 1 - 2(...

A: Given identity

Q: Choosing between ABCD

A: The given equation is

Q: see attachment

A: Given:

Q: proof trigonometry identities tan^4(x)-1/(sec^2(x)(tan(x)-1))=tan(x)+1

A: Given that

Q: Solve 6cos(2β)=6cos2(β)−4 for all solutions 0≤β&lt;2π. β=

A: Given:

Q: 3tan(3θ) − 1 = 0 (a) Find all solutions of the equation (b) Find the solutions in the interval [0, 2...

A: To solve the given trigomometric eqution completely.

Q: photo attached

A: Let  csc t = √7  with t in second quadrant.

Q: The question is shown in the image.

A: Find the angle does tangent to the curve

Q: 22 29 25 26 27 29 28 Which equation could be used to calculate the sum of the geometric series? 4 31...

A: The formula for the nth partial sum of a geometric sequence is,

Q: What is the length of an arc cut off by an angle of 3 radians on a circle of radius 8 inches?

A: We first find the circumference of the circle.Circumference= 16 pi inches.

Q: 2.4.31 Solve the right triangle ABC, where C 90. Give angles in degrees and minutes. a=16 m, c = 24 ...

A: Given right triangle ABC,Find side b, angle A &amp; B.

Q: What is a nonquadrantal angle?

A: Definition: A Quadrantal Angle is an angle in standard position with terminal side on the x-axis or ...

Q: y=1/2tan3x draw the graph, plot two consecutive asymptotes. Between those asymptotes, first plot a p...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: see attachment

A: Known fact:

Q: Find the exact values of the six trigonometic functions for the following angle sin 30 degree?

A: It is known that, π/3=30◦Sketch the graph of the unit circle as follows.

Q: Consider the regular pentagon ABCDE with sides of length 1 and three diagonals as shown. Let the dia...

A: Given that, a regular pentagon whose side is 1.Triangle ABF &amp; triangle ECD are similar triangle....

Q: Determine whether the equation is an identity. If it is an identity, prove it.   tan2 x = sec2 x + s...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: 8|-x/2+7|-7&lt;-3

A: Solve the inequality

Q: Solve the equation for x if 0 s x < 2. Give your answer in radians using exact values only. (Enter y...

A: The given trigonometric equation is shown below.

Q: The question says to write the trigonometric expression in terms of sin and cos, and then simplify: ...

A: Given trignometric expression is 

Q: I am very confused about this concept. Any help would be great.   Thanks much.

A: Given expression is Let Plugging the value in the expression:

Q: see attachment

A: Recall the formula for finding the area of a triangle as follows.