proof trigonometry identities


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Q: photo attached

A: We begin by writing right hand side of equation in terms of sines and cosines by using reciprocal an...

Q: Q1:- Find the domain of the following functions tanx a) f(x) sinx-1 b) f(x) tan-(vInx) c) f(x) sin-(...

A: Find the domain of the function

Q: photo attached, the answer is NOT (5/<sqrt>26)

A: It is given that

Q: Write the expression in terms of sine and cosine, and simplify so that no quotients appear in the fi...

A: Given,

Q: Notice that cos36degrees= (1+sqrt5)/4. Use the pythagorean theorem or a phythagorean trig identity t...

A: Given,

Q: Solve the right triangle ABC, where C 90°. a 77.7 yd, b 41 .7 yd yd (Simplify your answer. Type an i...

A: Solve  the right angle triangle ABC where C=900A=77.7 ydB = 41.7 yd

Q: 이혜 .83 Complete the table with exact trigonometric function values. Do not use a calculator. Que sin...

A: theta value 30 lies in the Q1 and so all the values should be positive.

Q: 3.4.9 Question Help Suppose that point P is on a circle with radius r, and ray OP is rotating with a...

A: Given angular speed is ꞷ=  radians per minGiven time is t=12 minAngle generated by ray OP is given b...

Q: Use the fundamental identities to find the value of the trigonometric function.Find csc θ if sin θ =...

A: Find csc θ if sin θ = -  2/3 and θ is in quadrant IV.

Q: solve the following equation over the indicated interval. Show steps without using a calculator, and...

A: Given, 

Q: If the point P( -4/5 , y) is on the unit circle in quadrant IV, then y= ??

A: Click to see the answer

Q: What is a nonquadrantal angle?

A: Definition: A Quadrantal Angle is an angle in standard position with terminal side on the x-axis or ...

Q: Vectors are an important part of the language of science, mathematics, and engineering. They are use...

A: The given vector is F.

Q: photo attached

A: If tanA= -√3 then.what is tan2A

Q: 39 36 33 What is the solution of log(2f+4) = log(14-30)2. DI18 D-2 O2 10 Mark this and return

A: Given, 

Q: Solve the following equation for all radian solutions and if 0 s x < 2t. Give all answers as exact v...

A: Consider the given equation:

Q: photo attached

A: Given,

Q: Question Help The length of the base of an isosceles triangle is 36.6 inches. Each base angle is 36....

A: First draw a rough sketch of the situation.

Q: uben Valencia - Google Chrome tudent/PlayerHomework aspx?homeworkld-5417114908questionld=48flushed-f...

A: to compute the angle of rotation of the larger gear

Q: Multiply the numerator and denominator of the fraction by the conjugate of the denominator, and then...

A: Multiply the numerator and denominator of the fraction by the conjugate of the denominator, and then...

Q: Use an Addition or Subtraction Formula to simplify the equation. sin(30) cos(0) cos(30) sin(0) 2 Fin...

A: Given, 

Q: Solve the given equation. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let k be any integer. Round...

A: Given,

Q: Use a Double- or Half-Angle Formula to solve the equation in the interval [0, 2π)2 sin2(θ) = 2 + cos...

A: Given,

Q: photo is attached

A: Click to see the answer

Q: I am not sure how to get to this solution. Please help, thank you.

A: We write them under one radical. Then recue 40/56 by 8.

Q: see attached

A: Consider the given trigonometric expression:

Q: 01 4. sin e= sin 0 - cos 0 sin

A: We will start with right side. Plug cos^2 theta= 1-sin^2 theta [ by Pythagorean identity]

Q: Solving

A: We know that,

Q: The question is shown in the image.

A: Find the angle does tangent to the curve

Q: Verify the identity.   1 + sin x 1 − sin x  −  1 − sin x 1 + sin x  = 4 sec x tan x

A: The given identity is,

Q: Prove the following identity. (sin x - cos x) = 1 - sin 2x We begin by expanding the left side of th...

A: Use (a-b)^2= a^2 -2ab+ b^2 formula to expand it. With a=sin x and b=cos x

Q: Verify that each equation is an identity 1. sin 4x = 4 sin x cos x cos 2a

A: To verify:

Q: Prove that the following identity is true. cot 0 cos 0 + sin 0 = csc 0 We begin by writing the left ...

A: The given identity is,

Q: see attached

A: Given,

Q: photo attached

A: Using Pythagorean identity : sin^2 theta + cos^2 theta = 1So cos^2 theta = 1-sin^2 thetaAnswer: firs...

Q: Find sin ⍬.  Sec ⍬ = 3/2, tan ⍬ &lt; 0

A: The given equation is

Q: Suppose that cos(2α)=1/3, 360∘&lt;2α&lt;450∘. Find the six trigonometric values of α.

A: Determine the sign of the function values in which of the quadrant as follows.

Q: Triangle ABC has side a, b, c, opposite angles A, B, C, respectively. Find the request parts of the ...

A: To find possible values for the angle A , using  the given data

Q: Number 33

A: Given,

Q: see attached

A: Consider the given figure.

Q: cos2 x(sec2 x - 1)

A: we know that secx=1/cosx. and the identity sin^2x+cos^2x=1.