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Python 3.7.4:

Write a loop that reads positive integers from standard input and that terminates when it reads an integer that is not positive. After the loop terminates, it prints out, on a line by itself, the sum of all the even integers read.


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Step 1

Following is the program code that takes input from the user all positive integer and terminates if the integer is not positive. Finally, it prints out, the sum of all the even integers read.

In the following python program code:

while() is used to make sure the number entered by user is always positive. Inside the while() loop  if (n < 0) condition checks for non-positive integer inputted by user and exit the while() loop using break. if(n%2==0) condition is used to add all even integers in variable sum.

Step 2

Sum = 0 #variable to store sum of all even integers

n=1 #variable to take input from user

while(n>0): #loop to make sure input, integer is positive

   n = int(input("Enter positive integer ")) #storing input integer in variable n

   if (n < 0): #It will ex...

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